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Anna Grabowska

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08-110 Siedlce

phone/fax: +48 25 631 56 62
mobile: +48 602 621 961
Welcome! We deal with production and sales of cotton clothing for the whole family Please feel free to browse through our offer and contact us to establish cooperation.
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Our fabrics

Single - jersey + lycra
(single-bed fabric with lycra)
basis weight 160 g/m2; cotton 95% and lycra 5%. It is characterized by smooth uniform structure and high elasticity. Used for tops for girls and women. Thanks to the use of lycra the clothes made from this fabric fits nicely and does not deform even after multiple washing.
Viscose + lycra Viscose fabric for tops for girls and women and characterized by wonderful look and airiness. Thanks to the high quality of viscose fabrics used by us, the tops look elegant and stunning and are also very durable.
Single - jersey
(single bed fabric)
basis weight: 160 g/m2 - 180 g/m2; cotton 100%. Characterized by smooth uniform structure and high deformation resistance. Used for T-shirts, turtlenecks, night gowns and pyjamas.
Interlok - 15tex basis weight: 180 g/m2; cotton 100%. Mostly used for tops for girls and women. Pleasant to the touch and does not lose its quality even after being washed many times.
Interlok - 20tex basis weight: 220g/m2; cotton 100%. Quite thick fabric perfect for sweatshirts for boys and men and women long-sleeved tops.
Elastik with lycrą
(elastik + lycra)
basis weight 180g/m2; 95% cotton, 5% stretch 5%. It is elastic, tight-fitting fabric mostly used for girls' and women's tops. Cotton makes the fabric healthy and allows the skin to breathe, and slight addition of stretch makes it elastic.

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